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060040 Coliforms Count Plate II (Coliforms Testing Strip)


Microbiological Count Plate


For testing and counting of coliforms in water.


10 Pieces/ box (5 Slices / Piece)



  • MSDS
060040 Coliforms Count Plate II (Coliforms Testing Strip)
Specifications: 10 Pieces/ box (5 Slices / Piece)
Application: Widely used in drinking water, natural mineral water for coliforma detection of source water.
How to use:
Draw 5 pcs of 10 mL sample and applied to the 5 pcs of paper.Then gently flatten the bag, place in an incubator vertically upward and culture for 18 ~ 24h  (35 ~ 37 ℃) , observe the results.
2.Results to determine:
Negative results: violet blue paper unchanged, regardless of flush or red spots which is judged as coliform negative.
Positive results: showing red spots or flush on the paper, and its surrounding show yellow or yellow throughout the paper which is judged as positive for coliform bacteria.
3.Result report:
 Check with Coliform MPN Table to do the report.
The count plate should be protected from light hypothermia (below 10 ℃) , and pay attention to moisture, if pink was found in the paper then the product is unavailable.
2.Confirmatory test methods:
To make confirmation test, using sterile forceps aseptically suspicious paper transplanted to lactose fermentation tube, culture at 37 ℃ for 24 hours, if acid and gas appears which would be judged as positive for coliform bacteria, otherwise judged as negative .