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060020 Mold Count Plate (Mold Testing Strip)


Microbiological Count Plate


For testing and counting of mold & yeast in water .


20 Pieces/ box (2 Slices / Piece)



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060020 Mold Count Plate (Mold Testing Strip)
Specifications: 20 Pieces/ box (2 Slices / Piece)
Application: Widely used in food, drinks, mineral water, drinking water, drinking mineral water, water and health products in the amount of mold detection, wherein the anti-type preservatives, anti-ozone disinfectant type and anti-type examination paper that can be used separately containing sorbic acid, benzoic acid and its salts and other preservatives, or residual disinfectant residual ozone in the sample or the detection of molds.
How to use:
Take 25g of crushed sample, adding 25mL of sterile saline or other diluents to mix.
2. Inoculation and culture:
After appropriate dilution of the sample, open the lid counting cards, drop 1ml of sample on each paper then close the lid; After the sample completely penetrate into paper, cultivate in an incubator and put upside down the plastic box, and cultured at 28 ~ 30 ℃ for 48 to 72 hours, and then observe the result:paper surface showing spots or mycelium which is spore of mold colonies, calculate the number of colonies; multiplied by the dilution factor based on the average number of colonies dilution with two cards, namely per ml contained in a sample or per g mold counts.
1.The selection of the appropriate dilution is a close correlation with the results .
2.The culture temperature selection: suitable temperature for the growth of mold is generally between 25 ~ 35 ℃, the incubation temperature recommended by the national standard is 25 ~ 28 ℃, but experimental studies with counting cards  found in our company that when the incubation temperature was between 28 ~ 30 ℃ ,the mould grow fastest.